We make data visualizations

Business and organisations

Bring your message to life.
Present your organisation's data in a way that draws your audience in with visual impact. Interactive data graphics allow users to explore the detail behind the numbers, improving their understanding of your organisation and increasing visit duration and return visits to your website. We make data visualisations uniquely tailored to your organisation's communication style.

Online News

Get the social networks working for you.
The online news audience expects interactivity. In data journalism, static graphics use valuable space but make limited contribution to your narrative. Publish the numbers in an interactive visual format and readers dig deeper, stay longer and return more often.
We offer a collaborative approach to closely link interactive visualisation with your narrative.


Set your reports free from the confines of the pdf format.
Use interaction to boost audience engagement with your data. Presenting your findings in a neat interface, displaying complex statistics with clarity and allows your audience to explore findings intuitively, read deeper and learn more.
We offer a design and build service to bring your data to life and get people interested.